Date Time Event Venue
Sun 22 5.30pm Evening Circle See notice
Mon 23 12.30pm Zumba Gold Bryndwr
Tues 24 10am Multiple Birth Club Bryndwr
Sat 28 9.30am Clothing Shop Bryndwr
Sun 15 10am Worship STAC

Biscuits: At the beginning of this coming school year we are planning to have biscuits ready for the borders at STAC. These will be needed in the last week of January but more details will follow later.  Any queries see Frances Coburn or Dan.

Evening Circle – The first Evening Circle for 2017 will be Sunday, 22 January, at 5.30pm at Rosemary Braithwaite’s home.  If you would like to attend, please phone Leone on 351 6664.

Annual Burns Supper: This is being held on Saturday 28th January 2017 at The Scottish Society Hall Cnr Edgeware and Caledonian Roads

Join us for an evening of entertainment celebrating the songs and prose of Robbie Burns

Price $25.00 per person includes a meal of haggis /beef, neaps, potatoes and greens followed by dessert.  BYO

Tickets available through Chief Graeme or Ellen  Phone Leone at 351 6664 for more information.

 Back to Business: Several activities have already recommenced for 2017. To help keep you up to date here are the commencement dates for the various activities:

Zumba Gold – 9 January

Multiple Birth Club – 10 January

Clothing Shop – 21 January

Evening Circle – 22 January

Yoga – 30 January

Creative Nest – 7 February

Fendalton Leisure Club – 8 February

Pre School Music, 8, 9 & 13 February

Craft Group – 10 February

Music Moments – 13 & 14 February


Papanui High School Night Classes: Papanui High have released their night classes for next year and can be viewed at