a spacious way
featuring images & poems by Andrew Norton
a reflective space for holy week
@thevillagechurch – papanui
cnr papanui rd & frank st
9am – 5pm 26 March – 1 April 2018
Some days you need to go far from the city where the outlines are clear to breathe a soulful of air.
This exhibition of landscape photography and poetry inviting you into a conversation of land, sky, sea and soul leading to a spacious way.
This conversation is not to be rushed; allow an image to choose you and let the conversation begin.
This is a deeply personal and sacred place for me as I have journeyed with change, transition, surgery for pancreatic cancer and subsequent chemotherapy.
While I would rather not be in this place I am full of gratitude for the opportunities gifted to me as I have explored my creativity and an invitation to a spacious way.
The poetry and landscapes of this exhibition have been a vital part of my healing and recovery.

Andrew Norton

Images available for purchase or order on high quality canvass or photographic paper, framed, unframed and in size to order.