Working bee: Margaret and Rob Simpson are moving which means their house will be going on the market very soon. Because the Simpsons have some significant health issues necessitating the move, the family are holding a working bee to make the section ready for sale.  They have asked if there are people (with tools) from the church who might be available to help with this.  This will be on Saturday 19th May from 9am.  If you are able to help please let Bryan Wright know.

Book Night Event: Mark your calendars for Tuesday May 22nd 5.30 – 6.30 pm at the Village Bryndwr.  Bring your children/grandchildren and come along and join in with Lilliput Library enthusiasts as we celebrate our love of reading in this nationwide event.  Food for the body and mind – pizza to start and then fun reading/book activities for all ages from 6pm. Contact Annie Boardman for further details.

Bookstall: A reminder that the bookstall will be available 13 May after the 10 am service. 

Badminton: Wednesday’s at the Village Papanui, start time 9.45am. Come and join us for a friendly game of badminton (the lines are painted).  Enquiries to Mitch or Christine.

Cheese rolls – June:  The rolls will be made on Saturday 9th June at Bryndwr.  Pick-up from Bryndwr 11am and 12 noon on the 9th, or from church on Sunday 10th June.  Price: $5 for 6 rolls, or $10 for 12 rolls.  There is a coffee voucher to give to whoever places the biggest order!  If you would like to be part of the team making the rolls please indicate this on the clipboard.

Entertainment Books: The 2018-19 issue has arrived. Each book purchased ($70 each) through Gordon gives $14 to The Village Church. Inquiries to Gordon Shields email

The Village Leisure Group: Don’t let wintry Wednesdays get you down. Warm up with a cuppa and company! Wednesdays from 1-3pm at The Village Bryndwr; enjoy activities, outings and afternoon tea. For more information, contact Leone on 351-6664 or Mary Jo Chase at

St Ninian’s Centenary: This parish event is being celebrated at Queen’s Birthday this year.  Organizers are keen to contact past members or those who have had an association with St Ninian’s, who might be interested in attending all or part of the programme. We invite anyone interested in getting more information to notify the office by phone – 348 6418, or by e-mail

Help with Reading at Burnside Primary School:  The Village Church runs a programme at Burnside Primary School on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings between 9.15am and 10am, where volunteers go to the school library and read one on one with two children (referred by their classroom teachers for some encouragement and support).  Typically they are children who do not get a lot of help at home with their reading.  In some instances they are children for whom English is a second language.

Our volunteers do a great job with this programme. However during the winter (due to illness, or holiday breaks) some are not available, so we are looking for people willing to be relievers. It would also be a great help to have people who could be on standby to fill in as required.  If this is something you would consider, please contact Linda Cowan ph 352 0512 or 0272 479 400, or email her at

(You don’t need to be a teacher to do this. You just need to like children and be willing to read a story with them)

EcuAction: To honour and support this year’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (13-20 May), EcuAction Canterbury is hosting a panel discussion on the topic “What On Earth Is God Doing About Unity? ~ Stories of Justice, Peace & Hope”. The four invited speakers are community leader Ngaire Button, Anglican minister Ben Truman (St Martins/Opawa), Catholic priest Father Frank Kelly (prison chaplain) and Presbyterian minister Sheena Dickson (Eastern Churches Together). All are warmly welcome to this free/koha event at Knox Church, 28 Bealey Ave on Sunday 13 May, 7-8.30pm. Supper will be served afterwards. Enquiries to Mary 021-387-088, Brian 021-129-4305 or email

‘It’s Just a Phase’: Training Day for Parents, Youth and Children’s Workers and Teachers, on Saturday May 19th, 9.30am – 12.30pm. Venue – Hope Presbyterian, Hornby.  Cost is $10 ($15/couple).  Presenter, Diana Langdon of Strandz.  Register

Date Time Event Venue
Sun 13 8.30am The Gathering Village
10.00am Worship StAC
11.00am Book Stall StAC
Mon 14 9.30am Music Moments Papanui
10.00am Pre-School Music Bryndwr
2.00pm Falls Prevention Papanui
3.15pm Kids’ Club Bryndwr
7.15pm Indoor Bowls Bryndwr
Tues 15 10.00am Fly Bys Bryndwr
10.00am Creative Nest ‘drop-ins’ Papanui
5.30pm Grounded Papanui
Wed 16 9.45am Badminton Papanui
10.00am Pre-School Music Bryndwr
1.00pm Village Leisure Group Bryndwr
4.00pm Buddy Zone Bryndwr
6.00pm Line Dancing Bryndwr
Thurs 17 10.00am Pre-School Music Bryndwr
10.15am Pop-Ins Papanui
1.00pm Foot Clinic Bryndwr
Fri 18 10.00am Craft Group Bryndwr
11.30am Weight Watchers Bryndwr
1.00pm Foot Clinic Bryndwr
1.15pm Indoor Bowls Papanui
Sat 19 9.30am Clothing Shop Bryndwr
Sun 20 8.30am The Gathering Bryndwr
10.00am Worship StAC
6.00pm Table Talk Papanui

Helpers @ St Andrew’s College 10am (20 May)

Welcoming team:    Denis and Estelle Elvidge, Peter and Adrienne Rowe

Readers:                 Ruth Cooper and Wayne Anderson

Counters:                Andrew Souness and Christine Miller

Technician:             Liam Boardman

Morning tea:           Alice and Bryan Wright, Judith and Andrew Souness

Musician:                Murray Compton

Communion:           Denis and Estelle Elvidge, Annie and Kate Boardman, Salilo and Jerry Teo

Grounds @ Bryndwr:   Mitch Mitchell


Acts 2: 1-21 or  Ezekiel 37: 1-14             Psalm 104:24-34, 35b     Romans 8: 22-27  or   Acts 2: 1-21          John 15: 26-27, 16: 4b-15