The Village Parish Council has deliberated and made the decision that we will not be meeting for our worship services at 10 am until further notice.  As the risk of infection by Coronavirus (COVID-19) is increased by direct social contact it is important to limit exposure and to keep everyone safe we should implement preventative measures now.  While we most often fall under the government directive of 100 people, we feel this is the responsible decision to make. 
Dan, Anne and Martin will be working hard to ensure everyone is kept informed and that needs are met in this challenging time.  This will include material for you to engage with ‘as if’ we are meeting for worship.  The intention is that this will arrive in your email inbox by 10 am each Sunday so that you can still participate in a weekly rhythm of worship.  Routines of this nature will be increasingly helpful as we move through this strange time together.  
Our team of Pastoral Visitors are being engaged to be your primary point of contact during this time.  They will be in contact with you and you can feel free to make contact with them if you wish.  Dan, Anne and Martin are also all available of course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 
The March edition of The Village News is on its way to your letterbox in the next few days and contains some more key information.  
Take care.
Kind regards,
Lisa Mitchell (Parish Clerk)