As we move today to Level 2 in the Covid-19 response, we continue exploring the possibilities of what might be able to crank up again in our church and community centre life, especially our work with children and young people, and the vexed question about what we rightly can and can’t do with the precious people in the 70-plus age group – whether there are government restrictions placed upon them or not! 

At Parish Council this week one of our council members who is in this ‘precious over 70’ age-group mentioned how grateful she is for the sacrifices made by those, with arguably more to lose, to keep the vulnerable safe.  This has to be one of the things we take seriously in our decisions on what to open up.  As keen as we are to get back together again, we mustn’t forget why we have done what we have done over the past seven weeks.  We are all in this together, in order to keep everyone, but particularly the vulnerable among us, safe.

Currently, the PCANZ has stated that services of worship are still suspended and the government restrictions of 10 people per group limit many of our other activities. Unfortunately, it is the social nature of many of our activities – which is what we are all most looking forward to being able to do again! – that stop us from being able to conduct them. Many of the outbreak clusters occurred in social settings which is why these types of activities are still being cautioned against

As building owners, we have responsibilities to put procedures in place to ensure that surfaces are clean, physical distancing maintained in certain forms, and contact information kept, etc, etc. As an organisation, we have a responsibility that any activity done in the name of The Village follows these procedures whether in our buildings or not. The Parish Council have a team working on what our procedures will be. Once these are finalised we will look to open the offices and we will be in communication with our partners who host groups in our buildings, and also with the various group leaders from The Village about what this might mean for each individual activity.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash