From Thursday 23 July we begin a new chapter in our life together as The Village.

Recently, following the Covid-19 lockdown and lengthy and robust discussions the Parish Council decided that we would seek to integrate our worship life with our community activity. This would happen by establishing a re-developed midweek service of worship at our Papanui building and a Sunday service of worship at our Bryndwr building.

We acknowledge that this means a move away from our Sunday service at St Andrew’s College Chapel which has served as a wonderful space for us to grow out of the former parishes of St Giles and St Stephen’s into one Village. We are very grateful to St Andrew’s College for making their beautiful chapel available to us over the past few years.

For some of us, this move will be harder than others especially for those who have enjoyed the beauty and majesty of the chapel space. We acknowledge this but are also very much looking forward to this new chapter in our life. To have our worship supporting and connected with our community activity in both of our buildings is a good step forward together as we continue to evolve as The Village Church.