Village Leisure Group:  Averil Stevenson, from ECOCentral will speak about “what should be in your bins” at the Village Leisure Group on Wednesday, 2 September at 1pm at the Village – Bryndwr.  All Welcome!

The Village Prayer Team:            If you or someone you know would benefit from having some prayer support then please feel free to send your requests to and the team will spring into action. (You can be assured of confidentiality).  There is also a box for you to pop any requests in, available on Thursdays and Sundays at our Services.

Are you a fixer-upper? Diy-er? Upcycler?  We need your skills at our first ever REPAIR CAFÉ, as part of our community market on Saturday 3 October from 9.30am.  We are looking for people who are a whizz with a screwdriver, sewing machine, electronics, glue … whatever … and who love fixing things!  Contact Megan, or Deirdre at the Bryndwr office 351 6664.

ALPINE PRESBYTERY are gathering at The Village Bryndwr on 11 and 12 September.  This replaces the March gathering that had to be cancelled due to the lockdown.  They have given the parish the opportunity to cater for this event, which the Hospitality team have agreed to take up.  They would appreciate some help around the supply of biscuits, muffins and slices.  If you are able to help with this, please contact, Kath N., Lesley C., Frances C., Ann H. or Anne Stewart.  Biscuits and muffins both freeze well so can be made as time allows.  An early indication would be helpful though, for the planning.

Dog walking service:  Anna who is a student at St Margaret’s is looking for work walking dogs – she is 12 years old and is looking for customers in Bishopdale and Merivale – Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat & Sun 4-6pm.  School holidays 10am-6pm on most days.  First walk free.  Price and time are negotiable.  Ph the office for contact information to arrange.

The Village Church website:  A reminder that our weekly notices and calendar of activities appear on our Village Church website at ‘What’s on in The Village’ on Monday each week.  The Sermons are available by going to the ‘Reflections’ area on the home page.  Our website address is –

St Andrew’s at Rangi Ruru:  The congregation continue to enjoy their connection through the Worship Service on the 4th Sunday of every month in the Church at Rangi Ruru.  They have also been able to attend several afternoon tea gatherings at the Village Papanui, organised by Anne Shave.  Anne has provided pastoral care to the congregation over the past 10 months, along with leading the monthly Worship Service.  A role change for Anne means that we farewell her from this ministry and thank her for the time and care she has given.

We are pleased to welcome Rev Hamish Galloway to the role.  Hamish is already known to the congregation, but will be looking forward to deepening those connections.

Euthanasia – Anne Stewart is currently looking for any questions you might wish could be answered regarding the upcoming referendum.  The team that the questions will be put to are Rev Dr Murray Rae (theologian), Dr Kate Grundy (head of palliative care CDHB), and Dr Ruth Ballantyne (lecturer in family law Canterbury University – and familiar with the Bill we are to vote on).  If you have any questions please let Anne Stewart know.

Sun 3010.00amBreakfast/Worship (from 9.30am) , with Service at 10.00amBryndwr
Mon 319.30amMusic MomentsPapanui
10.00amPre-School MusicBryndwr
2.00pmSayGo Falls Prevention ExercisesPapanui
3.15pmKids ClubBryndwr
7.00pmIndoor BowlsBryndwr
Tue 1 Sep10.00amFly-BysBryndwr
10.00amCreative Nest drop-in morningPapanui
Wed 29.45amBadmintonPapanui
10.00amPre-School MusicBryndwr
1.00pmVillage Leisure GroupBryndwr
Thur 310.00amPre-School MusicBryndwr
5.00pmThursday Hour – all welcome!!Bryndwr
6.30pmYouth GroupBryndwr
Fri 41.15pmIndoor BowlsPapanui
Sat 59.30amClothing Shop and Village MarketBryndwr
Sun 610.00amBreakfast/Worship (from 9.30am) , with Service at 10.00amBryndwr
6.00pmTable TalkPapanui

(6 September 2020) Helpers @ The Village, Bryndwr

Welcoming team:           David and Lynn Brown, Anne Foote, Gavin James.

Readers:                       John and Nan Simpson.

Technician:                    Liam Boardman.

Counting:                      Vivienne Jackson, Christine Miller.

Morning Tea:                 Salilo and Jerry Teo, Fuatino and Sapu Lai Kong.

Grounds at Bryndwr:       Jim Hudson.