‘Cheese Roll Fundraiser’: We will be making cheese rolls on Saturday June 12, at The Village Bryndwr starting at 9am.  Pick up will be between 11am and 12 noon Saturday 12 June, or after church on Sunday 13 June.  Price: $10 for pack of 10 rolls.  Please get your orders in to either office or write on the clipboards at church.  We also need willing workers to make the rolls, so if you can help with the making, please indicate on the order form.  Thank you!

A BIG THANK YOU for the beautiful little flowers that all the women received at church last Sunday.  It was such a lovely surprise and I am sure we all appreciated the special thought and gift.  I hope those responsible had one pinned on them as well!

Annual Receipts: If you have not yet picked up your annual receipt for your Direct Credit or Envelope donations for the year ended March 2021, please contact Keren R.

The Village parish council held our May meeting on Tuesday 11 May 2021 at The Nest in Papanui.

I would like to thank everyone for signing in using the NZ COVID Tracer app, or our sign-in sheets at our buildings. It remains important for us to be vigilant, and as cold and flu season begins, I encourage you to stay home if you feel unwell.  We are so lucky to be able to continue meeting safely and I hope this can continue!

The community centre continues to function well, and is back into the swing of things since the start of term. There is a regular schedule of events in both the Papanui and Bryndwr spaces, and it’s great to see the ongoing support of our community.

The property team has been especially busy over the last few weeks; at Bryndwr the painting of the hall roof has been completed, the sound system has been updated, and several maintenance tasks have been carried out at both sites.

As a parish council we have recently started reading Pursuing God’s Will Together by Ruth Haley Barton. This is a guide to discernment practice for leadership groups within a church context, and this month we explored Chapter 2 together. We hope to continue to work our way through the book over our meetings this year as a means of guiding The Village into the future.

Our ministers have both attended Presbytery events at the start of the month in Hanmer Springs. We are fortunate that Alpine Presbytery emphasises the importance of good relationships and promoting a culture of ‘having a go’. Feedback on the events highlighted the positive initiatives our Presbytery is involved in, and the importance of this work.

Sun 169.30am 10.00amLight Breakfast, followed by Worship ServiceBryndwr
6.00pmTable TalkPapanui
Mon 179.30amMusic MomentsPapanui
10.00amPre-School MusicBryndwr
2.00pmFalls prevention ‘steady as you go’Papanui
3.00pmKids ClubBryndwr
7.15pmIndoor BowlsBryndwr
Tues 1810.00amCreative Nest ‘drop-in’ All welcome!Papanui
Wed 19Papanui office closed today 
10.00amPre-School MusicBryndwr
3.00pmKids ClubBryndwr
Thurs 2011.30amWorship (followed by provided lunch)Papanui
6.30pmYouth GroupBryndwr
Fri 2110.00amCraft GroupBryndwr
1.15pmIndoor BowlsPapanui
Sat 229.30amClothing ShopBryndwr
Sun 239.30am 10.00amLight Breakfast, followed by Worship ServiceBryndwr
10.00amSt Andrew’s at Rangi Ruru monthly Worship ServiceRangi Ruru
5.30pmEvening Circle (ph for venue)Ph office

Helpers@ Bryndwr 10am (23 May 2021)   

Setup:                          Andrew and Judith Souness.

Welcoming team:           Judith and Andrew Souness, Margaret Beaver.

Readers:                       Christine Arnold, Lesley Compton.

Technician:                    Liam Boardman.

Counting:                      Jane Agnew, Andrew Souness.

Morning Tea:                 Paula McNoe, Keren Ritchie, Ian Satterthwaite.

Grounds at Bryndwr:       Ian Satterthwaite.