Well, here we are again after what seems like a long time! We have been exceedingly lucky that we have been able to have the freedom we have had over the past year or so. For that, we can be grateful!

You will all be aware that we are currently in Covid-19 Alert Level 4. Because of this, we anticipate that we will not be meeting for worship this Sunday.

In light of this, our plan for this coming Sunday in the first instance is to provide the ‘service’ via email. That will arrive on Sunday morning. Perhaps you might like to get on the phone with someone ‘after the service’ for a morning tea chat! Staying connected is important.

If we shift to level 3 we are still unable to gather.

If we were to shift to level 2 we are able to meet so long as our numbers are less than 100 and we can maintain reasonable physical distancing. Our hunch, however, is that we’ll be at level 3 before level 2.

Unfortunately, this also means our Newcomers Dinner this Friday evening is postponed! As far as The Village Olympics evening goes on August 27th, we will have to wait and see.

Our buildings are closed at level 4 and level 3 and Community Centre activities are on hold until level 2.

No doubt we all have a range of thoughts and feelings going on. Logically we might know that ‘going hard and early’ is the best way for our country to avoid an ongoing mess. Nonetheless, it can bring up some anxiety and nervousness about all the ‘what if’s?’ This is ok. Equally, there may be some of us who are quite relaxed about things! This too is ok!

We’ll be in touch as things change. In the meantime stay safe, stay kind and stay connected!

May you know God’s peace with you and around you.

Dan, Anne and the Parish Council