Kia ora tātou!

We meet again in the strangeness of being apart, yet also together. With the beginnings of a few freedoms, we journey on toward whatever is next, in hope and trust.

What follows are some prompts to help you enter a space of worship and reflection today.

Take your time.
Take all the time you need.

Today we have the opportunity to join in a virtual ‘morning tea.’ If you would like to join you will find the link to this in the email you received for today.

We are pausing to acknowledge and grow in the presence of God in our lives.
We are meeting as part of a church community, albeit a scattered one.
We are stilling ourselves, our fears, our anxieties, and all the distracting things around us,
to seek and delight in God’s life with us.
Let us worship God!

I am sure that one of the greatest challenges in lockdown is keeping the smaller ones amongst us, occupied.  Our daughter Hana and her husband Will, filled half a day hosting a teddy bears picnic on their back lawn, for their boys Finn and Darcy.  I understand that as befits Finn’s tastes there were more giraffes present than teddy bears!

Words to focus our worship

Let us start this service well, by reminding ourselves:

That it is not we who chose Christ,
but Christ who chose us,

That we are not here because of our goodness
but because of Christ’s grace,

That we are not here to enlighten ourselves,
but to allow Christ to enlighten us,

That we have not come to be entertained
but to worship God with heart, soul, mind and strength.


God is in the Waiting

God is in the waiting
In the seeds ready to sow
In the trees steady to grow
God is in the waiting

God is in the listening
In the stream bubbling low
In the wind whispering slow
God is in the listening

God is in the moving
In the birds learning to fly
In the waves crashing on high
God is in the moving

God is in the being
In the breathing
In the waiting
In the listening
In the moving
God is in the being

God is in the waiting
In the seeds ready to sow
In the trees steady to grow

God is in the waiting Music and lyrics by Adelaide Dunn (Dunedin)

A prayer on our way

God of all good,
you are life and salvation to all—
faithful and unfaithful,
just and unjust,
pious and impious,
passionate and dispassionate,
holy and worldly,
wise and simple,
healthy and sick,
young and old.
Make us faithful and wise
in your worship and service,
day by day and step by step
adding fire to fire,
fervour to fervour,
zeal to zeal,
and love to love;
in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

—Inspired by John Climacus, The Ladder of Divine Ascent (c. 600)

A Reflection from Anne

Deuteronomy 1:19 – 40

If you would like to read this you’ll find a copy here:

Questions for contemplation:

  • Was there a word, sentence, phrase or idea that stood out to you in the readings or the reflection today?
  • What is the intersection of what you noticed with your own circumstances at the moment or in other times that you now recognise as God having prepared the way for us?
  • How does it make you feel to know that you can trust in God’s promises?
  • Can you think of the things or people who give you the confidence to help you to stay the course? 

You might enjoy singing along with this, or just listening 

You could try imagining God as the singer…

Our Prayer for the Road

From Dan – Our prayers for the road today are guided by Catherine of Siena, (1347–1380) a Catholic nun of the Dominican order known for her feisty political and religious activism, her compassion and service to the sick and poor, and her deeply mystic spirituality.

Power of the eternal Father [sic],
help me.
Wisdom of the Son,
enlighten the eye of my understanding.
Tender mercy of the Holy Spirit,
unite my heart to yourself.

We exist in your life, Creator, our God who is the ground of all things.
Energy, Wisdom, Compassion,
These hold us.
In your energy may we find what we need to create connection and goodness with those around us.
In your wisdom may we think and act with meaning that makes a difference.
In your compassion may we live and breathe, towards ourselves in these unusual times and, of course, and always towards the others around us;
Those who are seldom heard but often judged,
Those who are up against a wall, with no options left,
Those who are the victims of hate and prejudice.

Eternal God,
restore health to the sick
and life to the dead.

There are many who are sick.
And more and more who catch this virus which seems relentless.
We can feel sometimes as if we are getting on top of it, but is there an end?
God, who is over and above, in and with all things, may we see your healing grace present in any and all avenues, may we see your healing grace rise to meet the challenges of our day.
Life-giving God, for those to whom the despair of these days is too much,
Those for whom our circumstances allow a black dog to haunt much too closely,
May your grace and peace draw near in their power.

Give us a voice, your own voice,
to cry out to you for mercy for the world.

As people called together around Christ,
Our work is to give voice to that life of Christ that lives in us.
To remain true to your way isn’t always straightforward,
There are conflicting stories challenging us to follow them as ‘the way to life,’
Many are indeed compelling.
But, it is your voice at work in our lives and at work in the world that we seek to give voice to.
May we notice what is good and true.
May you speak through us as we seek to follow you not for our own sakes but for the communities around us here in this city of Christchurch, in this country of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

You, light, give us light.
You, wisdom, give us wisdom.
You, supreme strength, strengthen us.

Yes. You are the source of all goodness and life.
May we continue to know this more and more as true,
And know your presence with us as we walk our road this week.



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