COVID DECISIONS FROM THE PARISH COUNCIL – The Parish Council met last night (Tuesday 14 September) and discussed meeting for worship in this new version of level 2. The biggest factor making it tricky for us is the restrictions on numbers to 50. The general consensus from the meeting was that while we are all looking forward to meeting face to face again we would like to err on the side of caution and not rush back to in-person services.

There were two main reasons for this. The first is for safety and hospitality. We do not want to unintentionally put anyone at risk by meeting when there still remains a degree of the unknown with regards to the virus. We also want to recognise our role in hosting the community and being a good example of a Christian Church in these times. The second reason is about energy. We could rush to set up our services to accommodate the new restrictions and then have a level change announced rendering the efforts wasted whichever way the levels changed. Because of these, this is what we have decided:

  • Sundays 10am @ Bryndwr will stay cancelled for the rest of September at this stage.
  • Midweek worship will aim to begin on September 23rd subject to alert levels remaining under 3.
  • The service @ Redwood, 10am Sunday, is able to go ahead. There is room for a few extra people to join in if they would like. 
  • The congregation of StARR are able to meet for worship.

The Parish Council will meet each Tuesday at 7p.m. to discuss the latest alert level announcements and adjust our decisions accordingly. 
Missing being able to catch up with people face to face is something that we are very aware of. Because of this we would like to encourage people to get together in small groups and go through the online service together. Feel free to arrange these as you would like to. Please keep a record of who attends and where for contact tracing purposes!

The Parish Council would also like to call for nominations to the Parish Council. There are currently three places available. Nominations are due back to Frances C. by October 3rd. The work of Parish Council is exciting being focused on the big-picture, the overall well-being of the Parish, and constantly working to discern how we as a community are to participate in the way of God where we find ourselves.

SETTING MY SIGHTS HIGH! CAN YOU HELP? From Megan Blakie: I’ve set myself a goal of tandem skydiving for charity. I’ll leap out of a plane if people like you can help me raise $899 for Red Cross.  Please donate to Red Cross using this link!

OUR NEXT ROSTER – In preparation for Andrew to put together the Worship Roster for October, November and December we would appreciate an email (or phone call) from anyone who is happy to be rostered in that period but knows they will be away or unavailable for specific dates during the next three months.  As always, we can easily swap or change rostered people as needed, so at this stage we are just wanting to know of dates you are definitely not available.  If you haven’t been rostered before but would like to offer to do a duty please let us know that too, thanks very much.  Email to or phone the Papanui office and leave a message. 

SUNDAY OCTOBER 3 – As part of the Season of Creation, we are hoping to have a service to celebrate animals and especially our pets.  We’re not sure that having all our pets at church would be a good idea, (cats fighting dogs, donkeys doing unmentionable things etc!) but we wanted to include them all in the service.  A way to do this is to ask you to send some information and a picture of your pet to Linda Co. and we will make sure your pet is at least on the screen if not actually present at the service. If someone in your family would like to read out the information about your pet during the service, please let Linda know no later than Monday 27 September. 

PAPANUI OFFICE CLOSED – The Parish office remains closed for now, with Tracey working from home.  Please leave a message on the phone (which will be checked regularly) or email her as needed.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – The Parish Council has set the date for our AGM on Sunday, October 17th, following our 10a.m. service of worship. Grace and Peace be with you today!