Kia ora tatou!

We meet again in this ‘together but apart’ way in gratitude for life and all that is good.
It is springtime! The signs of life are all around us!

What follows are some prompts to help you enter a space of worship and reflection today.
Take all the time you need.

Today, once again we have the opportunity to join in a virtual ‘morning tea.’ If you would like to join you will find the link to this in the email you received for this service.

This week is Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori – Māori Language Week. Are you surprised at how many Te Reo words are becoming familiar? You might be finding, like me, that some are easier to hold onto than others, but it’s good to be trying!

I have actively been trying to learn a bit more this week.  For instance, I know now, that today is:  Ratapu, 19 Mahuru 2021.  I also learned that Ra is day and tapu can be used to speak of things that are sacred so, today, Sunday is a ‘sacred day’.

To help everyone in the house to learn more, I have stuck post-it notes around the place, hoping that recognising the Te Reo words for objects might stick, in a similar way that Te Reo words for placenames that we hear on the weather each night are becoming very familiar.

Here are a few examples of this:

Umu (oven)
Pȧkatio (freezer)
Puoto (sink)
Ngeru (cat) we call Nancy or ‘tripod’ on account of her three legs!
Kuri (dog) we call Audrey – a reluctant model today!
Tane (husband)

Taku tane (my husband)

We call him Martin (mostly) at this point he
thought I was taking this exercise a bit too far!!

We are pausing to acknowledge and grow in the presence of God in our lives.
We are meeting as part of a church community, albeit a scattered one.
We are stilling ourselves, our fears, our anxieties, and all the distracting things around us,
to seek and delight in God’s life with us.
Let us worship God!

Words to focus our worship

(based on Gen. 37:1-4,12-28; Ps.105:1-6, 16-22, 45b; Rom.10:5-15; Matt. 14:22-33)

Here, in this place,
God welcomes all the dreamers, as well as the doubters:
here, the worriers and wanderers can call on God by name.
Here, in this time, we can remember all the ways God has graced us:
here, in these moments, we are reminded that God is with us, always!
Here are gathered those daring enough to step out of comfort into the unknown:
here, in this faith space, we will find the courage to call on God whenever you need to.

Take a listen, or maybe try singing along, to this Te Reo translation of the Lord’s Prayer.

E to matou Matua
E to matou Matua i te rangi,
Kia tapu tou ingoa.
Kia tae mai tou rangatiratanga.
Kia meatia tau e pai ai ki runga ki te whenua,
kia rite ano ki to te rangi.
Homai ki a matou aianei he taro ma matou mo tenei ra.
Murua o matou hara, me matou hoki e muru nei
i o te hunga e hara ana ki a matou.
Aua hoki matou e kawea kia whakawaia;
engari whakaorangia matou i te kino.

A prayer on our way

O loving God,
to turn away from you is to fall,
to turn toward you is to rise,
and to stand before you is to abide forever.
Grant us, dear God,
in all our duties your help;
in all our uncertainties your guidance;
in all our dangers your protection;
and in all our sorrows your peace;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Attributed to Augustine of Hippo (354–430)

A Reflection from Anne

Deuteronomy 3:23-29 and 4:21-23

If you would like to read the reflection you can do so here:

Questions for contemplation

  • Was there a word, sentence, phrase or idea that stood out to you in the readings or the reflection today?
  • What is the intersection of what you noticed with your own circumstances at the moment?
  • How does it make you feel when others express despair over the future?
  • Can you think of ways that you knowingly or unknowingly have, or are, investing in a future that you won’t see? How does this sit with you?

Our Prayer for the Road

From Dan

Creator God, you raise us up,
and as we attempt to look as though through your eyes,
to look at the world you have made,
and attempt to sing the song of love you want us to sing.
We cannot help but see instead abuse, oppression, and prejudice.
Oh, how your heart must break at seeing these pollute your good work.

We have become a problem for this planet you called us to inhabit alongside the other animals.
We waste water, abuse other resources,
and horde food for one group over another.
Restoration is needed.
This we can see.
May we be active participants in the redemption of all,
in our little corners, and across the globe.

As we look we see many being taken advantage of.
Those ‘others’ who are pushed aside and ignored.
Your creative word, God, is a word for all,
so may it be so,
that your life-giving power reaches all,
especially those who need actions of equity to function as the rest of us do.

As we relate to one another as people,
May your way of justice and peace be how we live together.
May we as a church be leaders in this
sharing a vision of your way that truly is good news for all.

Help us in this week ahead,
to look as you look,
and love as you love.
This we pray, with Christ and in Christ,


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