COVID UPDATE FROM THE PARISH COUNCIL – The Parish Council met specially (via video meeting) last night (Tuesday 21 2021) to discuss the latest in Covid alert level developments. Given the slight adjustment in alert level 2 settings the council is pleased to announce that we will aim to resume meeting in person for Sunday 10am worship @ Bryndwr from October 3. This is because the number restriction on indoor gatherings has been raised to 100. As well as sticking to the 100 person limit we encourage you to wear a face mask/covering and will not be serving morning tea for the time being as it can create a crowded area! Contact tracing is mandatory either via the app or manually and please stay home if you are feeling unwell for the sake of others in our community. We are looking forward to being able to meet together again for worship! 

FOOD SUPPORT FOR BURNSIDE PRIMARY – Linda has reported that she has been able to keep up a good supply of food for the school.  But she is running out and there continues to be a great need. Anyone who has had to live on a tight budget will know that any kind of disruption to income can often bring unexpected pressure that takes things to breaking point.  Lockdowns are big (albeit necessary) disruptions and sadly those who are already struggling often bear the brunt of these things.  You are welcome to drop food donations to Linda, or at either of our offices or if it’s easier to make a donation to Linda this can be used to purchase goods as needed.  Thank you to all those who have contributed thus far.  We know the school is very grateful for our help.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 3 – As part of the Season of Creation, we are hoping to have a service to celebrate animals and especially our pets.  We’re not sure that having all our pets at church would be a good idea, (cats fighting dogs, donkeys doing unmentionable things etc!) but we wanted to include them all in the service.  A way to do this is to ask you to send some information and a picture of your pet to Linda C. and we will make sure your pet is at least on the screen if not actually present at the service. If someone in your family would like to read out the information about your pet during the service, please let Linda know no later than Monday 27 September.  Thank you.

VIDEOING OUR SERVICES – When we return to in-person worship @ Bryndwr on Sundays we would like to trial producing a live stream of our services. This is so that those who are unwell or who do not feel comfortable being in a larger group will still be able to participate in the services. The sky’s the limit with how much money can be spent on equipment to make this happen, as you can imagine! Rather than spending money in the first instance while we try it out for a few weeks, we are wondering if anyone in the parish has a spare digital camcorder or a DSLR camera that we might be able to borrow as we work out how to best do this and if there is a real need for it? If you do, can you please get in touch with Dan.  

PARISH COUNCIL UPDATE – SEPTEMBER – The most recent (normally scheduled) meeting of the Parish Council was held on Tuesday 14th September in The Nest at Papanui. Reports from the various teams emphasized a quiet past month given the period of lockdown. Almost all of the church’s regular activities have been halted in the meantime. Rev Anne led devotions highlighting transformation and our openness to it. Judith S. tabled the Financial Performance Report for the year ended 30 June 2021 which will now be forwarded to the reviewer. Council members discussed photocopier contracts and rental income. The increase in the number of volunteer hours across church activities was noted. The meeting was informed that this year’s insurance account was now due for payment.  This annual payment reflects the considerable building assets that The Village oversees. Work is about to commence on the coming year’s budget and the integration of the Redwood accounts into The Village’s accounting processes. It was noted from the property report that the leaking refrigerant from the heat pump in The Nest at Papanui had been repaired but other repairs had been delayed due to the lockdown.     

There was discussion relating to the Covid response about what should happen to Sunday worship under the present constraints of Level 2.  It was agreed to continue with Sunday Worship as it is at present.  The Parish Council will discuss any possible changes on a weekly basis. There has been positive feedback about the services so far. Self-organised groups will be encouraged to share service content together.  The mid-week service will be held over for another week with a restart on 23rd September possible subject to alert level status. Services at Redwood on Sundays can proceed as can St Andrews at Rangi Ruru’s service on 26th September given the regular numbers that attend are under 50. The meeting noted the resignations Ian C. and Lisa M. which will take effect from the Annual Meeting.  There will be three vacancies on the Council. Nominations to be to Frances by 3rd October.
Dates for key events were confirmed:

  • The Village Olympics – to be rescheduled
  • Pot luck for newcomers – to be rescheduled
  • AGM Date – 17th October 2021 subject to Covid level status
  • Kirkin’ of the Tartan – date to be confirmed
  • November 7th – date for first Village “Feast”

SETTING MY SIGHTS HIGH! CAN YOU HELP? – From Megan B.: I’ve set myself a goal of tandem skydiving for charity. I’ll leap out of a plane if people like you can help me raise $899 for Red Cross.  Please donate to Red Cross using this link!

ILAM & AORANGI ROAD CYCLEWAY We have had two good meetings with the City Council staff who are working on this project. It was good of them to initiate conversations with us and listen to any concerns or thoughts we have had about this cycleway. The cycleway will go directly in front of our Bryndwr site. There are two design options at this stage that are open for public consultation. Can I encourage you to either go online or attend the in-person consultation and share your thoughts? Details are below – Dan. 
Public consultation is now open on the third and final section of Te Ara O-Rakipaoa Nor’West Arc Cycleway, linking Papanui to the University of Canterbury.Running from Princess Margaret Hospital to Harewood Road, the cycleway is making it safer for all road users – cyclists, pedestrians and drivers. Separating bikes from cars means there’s more room on the road for everyone.Christchurch City Council want your feedback on the 4km section of cycleway along Ilam Road, Aorangi Road and Matsons Avenue.You’ve got until Tuesday 12 October to share your feedback. Read more at NEWSLINE or visit for more information and to make a submission. Or attend in person at: Cobham Intermediate School, 294 Ilam Road, Thursday 23 September, anytime between 3pm and 5.30pm

MID-WEEK WORSHIP – This is commencing again, post-lockdown, this Thursday 23rd September, at 11.30am, at our Papanui site, cnr Frank St and Papanui Rd.  It includes a relaxed informal time of worship, lunch and conversation.  Anyone is welcome!  

SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAY DINNER – This celebration is being held this coming Friday 24 September at the Bryndwr manse from 6pm.  An email has been sent to those we know of with September birthdays but if we don’t know about you, and you would like to come you are most welcome.  You are welcome to bring someone of your choice, a plate with food and a good story to share.  It would be helpful if you could let Anne Stewart know if you are coming.

PAPANUI OFFICE CLOSED – The Papanui office remains closed for now, with Tracey working from home.  Please leave a message on the phone (which will be checked regularly) or email her as needed. The office at Bryndwr is open with Deirdre working her normal office hours.