Congregational meeting: The Village Parish Council are calling a congregational meeting on Sunday 27 February after 10am worship at Bryndwr and Redwood, to consider the following motion – ‘That The Village pursue the sale of the Valerie Place manse (formerly St Luke’s) on an ‘as is where is’ basis.’ 

Framework for decisions regarding Omicron Covid-19 Outbreak. At its last meeting on Tuesday 8 February the Parish Council discussed how to go about making decisions in relation to ‘in-person’ activities moving forward with an escalating Omicron outbreak. We acknowledged that while we don’t know what we don’t know, the following would be our process to manage our in-person activities.  It was decided that in the occurrence of widespread and increasing levels of Covid-19 in our local community we would push pause on all in-person activities. The Ministers and co-Clerks are to make a call, then will advise and double check this with the Parish Council, before the decision is communicated to the parish. The situation will be monitored on a regular basis and take into account the latest information from the Ministry of Health.

‘Pathways’ Coming soon we have the opportunity to co-host, in partnership with Presbytery, an intentional pastoral and spiritual care initiative called ‘Pathways’. Covid-willing we hope to run our retreat day on Saturday 26 March.

In a nutshell, Pathways is a program looking at stage of life, spiritual development, and areas of gifts / service. It does this through the process of an initial conversation with each individual, a one-day group seminar/retreat, and a follow up individual conversation. The big focus for each individual is on exploration and encouragement of their current place in life.  The initiative was developed by Dr Anne Shave and Rev Hamish Galloway in 2021 at Cashmere Presbyterian. Presbytery has generously agreed to funding an initial round within parishes across the region in 2022.

Joy C. completed this at the end of last year and she is willing to chat and share her experience about this with you if you want to know more.  If you think you might be interested in this, have a chat with Dan.

Soap – last sales at the extremely good price of $5 for 3 bars:  The funds from these sales will be donated to the Tongan Relief Fund. The remaining 150 soaps are available to purchase after church at Bryndwr and Redwood, or from either Papanui or Bryndwr offices.

The Village Presbyterian Church Parish Council December Update

The first meeting of the Parish Council for 2022 was held on Tuesday 8th February in The Nest at Papanui.

Anne provided the devotion and reflected on individuality versus community especially through Te Ao Maori, Richard Rohr’s thinking about Ubuntu (I am who I am, because we are who we are) and that we are all in one Christ Jesus. We are all impacted by what impacts those around us. It is important that we listen, love and connect with our neighbours.  We are all better together.

The following reports from the various teams were tabled and accepted:


•     A new camera with improved picture quality has been purchased but some sound issues are still to be addressed. Further work is to be done on upgrading the computer required to operate the camera.

Children’s Ministry Working Group:

•     We are still actively looking for a Children’s Worker.


Tata School Fundraising:  A final amount of $950 will be forwarded to Global Mission. The remaining soap is sold and this would go to PCANZ appeal for Tonga.

Covid Response: If we have widespread and increasing levels of Covid-19 in the local community, we would ‘push pause’ on all in-person activities at the Village. This would be initiated by ministry team and clerks, who would then advise Parish Council.  Communication to Parish would then follow.

Hospitality: The Hospitality Group will meet late March to plan the year. We will attempt to do the Cheese Roll fundraiser and will try to do the Four Feasts.  All events are of course dependent on the Covid situation.

The Valerie Place Manse – The rental agreement is due for renewal in March 2022. The idea of selling has been shared at Redwood, A motion was moved and passed that we will pursue the sale of the Valerie Place manse.  The process required for sale will now be put in motion including notice of congregational meeting.

The Parish Council moved to endorse the Prestons New Mission Seeding in making an application to the Alpine Presbytery Mission Fund. This is for a further 2 years, to cover costs. Presbytery Council has endorsed this. The funding will be managed by Presbytery.

Easter eggs for Pillars: As we have done in previous years, we are collecting Easter eggs to be given to Pillars who distribute them to the children of people in prison. (For information about Pillars, go to Eggs can be brought to church up to and including Sunday 27th March, or left in the collection boxes at Bryndwr, Papanui and Redwood. 

Help for Village people who are self-isolating Alongside the wonderful connections that the Pastoral Visitors continue to make, we are creating a list of people who could be available to help members of the Village who need support when they are self-isolating. Support would involve (but is not limited to):

Picking up and dropping off groceries, medicine, books, jigsaw puzzles, soup or baking etc 

Walking dogs (or other non-contact pet care)

Making soup or baking

The Ministers, clerks and parish councillors would then ask for assistance from people on the list, as requests for help are received. If you think you might be able to help, please contact Annie or Kate B. who are collating this information. 

Sun 2010.00amWorship Service  Bryndwr
10.00amRedwood Worship ServiceRedwood
6.00pmTable TalkPapanui
Mon 219.30amMusic MomentsPapanui
9.30amSit & Be FitRedwood
10.00amPre-School MusicBryndwr
10.30amPainting Group in the Creative NestPapanui
1.30pmBible Study and Prayer GroupRedwood
2.00pmSteady as you go, falls preventionPapanui
Tue 2210.00amCreative Nest drop-inPapanui
Wed 239.45amBadmintonPapanui
10.00amPre-School MusicBryndwr
Thur 2411.30amMidweek Worship ServicePapanui
6.00pmYouth GroupBryndwr
Fri 25   
Sat 269.30amClothing ShopBryndwr
Sun 2710.00amWorship ServiceBryndwr
10.00amWorship ServiceRedwood
10.00amWorship ServiceRangi Ruru
5.30pmEvening Circle (phone Catherine)or Ph. office

As you will appreciate, while we are operating under the Red setting of the traffic light system, all our regular activities are subject to change – if you would like to confirm an event before you go, please make contact with the person who runs the group, or phone the office where the event happens and we will find out for you. 

Next week’s helpers @ Bryndwr 10am (27 February 2022)

Setup:                          Kate and Liam Boardman.

Welcoming team:           Kath and Ken Newton, Claire Cruickshank and David Smail.

Readers:                       Sandra Wright-Taylor, Bryan Wright.

Technician:                    Liam Boardman.

Counting:                      Amber Muir, Mitch Mitchell.

Grounds at Bryndwr:     Ken Newton.