The Village Presbyterian Church Parish Council June Update

The June meeting of the Parish Council was held on Tuesday 14th June in The Nest at Papanui.  David took devotions and spoke about an important part of our mission being to serve others or ‘sharing the load’ in different contexts.  He described a number of “past” posts and responsibilities that people might have had in the church in former times.


Judith Souness’s monthly financial report was tabled and accepted. 

Soap sales: The aim is to have this project concluded and it is proposed to donate the remaining funds to the Global Mission Fund for the total value of the soap sold and on hand at present.

Insurance: This is due for renewal on 1 August – we are required to insure our buildings for full replacement value.    

The following reports from teams were tabled and accepted:


• Thursday worship continues to go well and we have welcomed four new people this term.  It is great to have 12-14 people gathered most weeks and to watch the community develop.

• Josh is fast becoming an important part of our community and there have been very appreciative comments whenever his name comes up.  His initiative in coming up with the recent video with Harper was wonderful and really well-received. 

• The Pathways Project has been well advertised and talked about and there is some interest growing for another go at this.

• Dan is back!!!  He seems to have had a useful and restful break which is wonderful.


• Valerie Place Property: We have received approval to sell this property either on the open market or by private sale. The lease period is now finished so we are getting the sale process underway. It is possible that there might be the need to have a working bee to get the property ready for the market. There was some discussion around the 10% deduction from the sale proceeds required to be forwarded to the Mission Enterprise Fund and it was agreed that this should be paid up front rather than being held over.

• Virtue Place Property: The lease has been renewed with the existing tenant at the median rental from the statistics shown for Bishopdale.

• Redwood Building Upgrade: Members of the parish council discussed the current position of the upgrade process, the consequences of building / material hold ups and the budget for this work. 

• Discussion took place about the issues on a section of the Bryndwr Hall roof and the possible cost of repairing it.

Community Centre report from Lesley Compton:

• It is pleasing to report that we are almost back to normal as far as activities at our Community Centre sites. The nasty virus is still about but with the safety protocols in place many seem happy to be connecting again.

• Our partners are returning too which makes sure that our spaces are being used more fully.

• The music groups have functioned well.

• The foot clinics are operating well.

• Another Market was held at the beginning of June.

Duty Rosters for Morning Worship

• At present we have 59 people available to assist with rostered duties.

• We require 10 people to be on duty each week. (3 Welcoming, 3 morning tea, 2 reading, and 2 counting).  Offers from additional helpers would be appreciated.  Those able to assist should contact Andrew S. or Tracey at the Papanui office.


• Special Legislation Procedure Voting:

Proposed changes to the Book of Order were agreed.

• The Village Vision, Purpose, Mission, Strategy, Tactics Document:

There was a good discussion about this document. From the quarterly review comes actions. These are actions that we can be held accountable for. Over the next month parish council members will reflect on the framework then look at adopting this document in July. Methods of discussing the Vision/Purpose sections with the congregation will also be considered.

The Great Quilting Bee for Lottie and Ray’s quilt is taking place on 16 July in the Bryndwr Common.   We are making a simple pattern with strips of the fabric that was donated earlier in the year.  Anyone who would like to be involved (sewing, ironing, making tea, offering moral support) please come along.  Sewers, please bring your sewing machines, extension cords, pins etc. We aim to start at 09:30 and finish around 3pm. If possible, please bring a small plate of finger food for a shared lunch. Morning tea provided.  RSVP helpful but not essential to Catherine McK.

Toastmasters Women’s Group: Each Friday during school term time, a small group of ladies meet in the lounge at the Village Papanui for an hour.  They would love to welcome new ladies to join them – if you would like to attend a meeting as a guest simply come along a few minutes before the start time of 12.30pm.

Learn to express yourself more confidently, develop your presentation skills, understand how to entertain people, inspire your audience, run meetings effectively, network, socialise and learn from one another.

Toastmasters has a joining fee and a subscription cost ($20 per month) 

For information, please email the club at:  

Sun 2610.00amWorship ServiceBryndwr
10.00amWorship ServiceRedwood
5.30pmEvening Circle (ph Catherine re details)
Mon 279.30amMusic MomentsPapanui
10.00amPre-School MusicBryndwr
10.30amPainting Group in the Creative NestPapanui
1.30pmBible Study and Prayer GroupRedwood
2.00pmSay-go’ falls prevention, gentle exercise classPapanui
7.00pmIndoor BowlsBryndwr
Tue 2810.00amFlybys visitingBryndwr
10.30amCreative NestPapanui
Wed 299.45amBadmintonPapanui
10.00amPre-School MusicBryndwr
Thur 3011.30amMidweek Worship Service followed by lunchPapanui
6.00pmYouth GroupBryndwr
Fri 1 July1.15pmIndoor BowlsPapanui
Sat 29.30amClothing Shop and the Village MarketBryndwr
Sun 310.00amWorship ServiceBryndwr
10.00amWorship ServiceRedwood
6.00pmTable TalkPapanui