Who are we?

We are a work in progress and, thankfully, yet to find anyone among us who has it all together! This might appear to be a worrying thing, given that many of us have been working at being followers of Jesus all our lives, but it is also the hope we hold, that we are growing to understand that as God makes room for us, so there is plenty of space for others (wherever they find themselves on the road) to come alongside and be a part of our community.

We try to be friendly, welcoming, non-judgemental, hospitable, kind, generous, accommodating, flexible, interested, interesting, gracious, thoughtful, faithful, spiritual (rather than religious!), innovative, honouring, friendly, humorous, natural, attentive, just, and quite a bit more… all with the hope that we are reflecting the way that we understand how God is among us in Jesus Christ.

One of the things that matters to us is that we play a part in the well-being of our communities including offering some practical support alongside people for whom life isn’t easy. Through our various groups and partnerships, we enable the community to gather and contribute to the well-being of one another. It is in that sense that we have named ourselves The Village; that we can all be well together – all playing a part.

We try to be multi-dimensional in how we share in community life. We are involved in providing well-being activities such as a clothing shop, supporting the well-being initiatives at Burnside Primary School, running a kids club, and foot clinic; various partnerships with not-for-profit community groups; growing a creative arts centre, a monthly market (that receives donated household items and sells them for very modest prices), hosting pre-school music classes, exercise groups, etc. All kinds of people volunteer in these activities according to their energy levels and abilities. We try to positive and welcoming and fun-loving in all we do.

We are also a faith-community within the Presbyterian tribe of churches. We provide weekly opportunities for prayer and worship and thoughtful reflections on faith and life, without coercion or manipulation. We are a ‘come as you’ are church where most people know most people by name, and nobody takes themselves overly seriously!

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash