Congregational Meeting today

The purpose of the meeting is to elect 4 parish members to the Ministry Settlement Board (MSB) being set up to arrange ministry for the role in our new mission initiative at Papanui.

At our meeting in July we agreed to, depending on funding, ask that Presbytery form a MSB. As we have received confirmation of funding being available, we now move to start this part of the process.

The MSB is made up of a Convenor plus one other as Presbytery appointments, 4 members of the parish, and two members of the Parish Council. We have communicated to Presbytery that we would like the MSB established and they are happy to proceed.

Friendly Circle Lunch – Tuesday 14 November  12 noon, at the home of Laurie and Jennifer.  Please contact Pat or Jennifer for details or to rsvp (for catering numbers).

Women’s Fellowship End of Year Gathering on 1st December:  You are warmly invited to afternoon tea at the Kate Sheppard Heritage House, 83 Clyde Road on 1 December at 2 pm. Admission to the museum for a Supergold card holder is $7.50 and afternoon tea is $8.50. This also includes entry to the ‘Sure to Rise’ exhibition. A further option is to listen to a 40 minute presentation on Kate Sheppard’s life, for an additional cost.

Because of the catering, bookings are essential. Please RSVP to me by 17 November. Thank you, Catherine McK.

For those who celebrate a birthday this month and next:

November birthday dinner:  If you have a birthday in November, you are welcome to a potluck dinner at the home of Claire C. and David S. on Saturday November 25 at 6pm.  Please contact Claire or David if you plan to come – phone or txt.

December Birthday meal.  Saturday 9th December 5.30pm – month of December Birthday meal at our home. This will be a BBQ. Please bring either a salad or a sweet plus whatever you wish to drink. Please confirm with Joy that you will be coming and what you will be bringing.

Roster Reminder – Sun 19 Nov:

Setup: Kate, Liam.

Welcoming: Sue & Charlotte, Judith.

Reading:  John & Nan.

Communion:  Keren, Christine A, Mitch & Barbara.

Counting: Andrew, Jane.

Morning Tea: Salilo & Jerry, Fuatino & Sapu.

Technician: Donald.

Grounds at Bryndwr (Sat 11): Mitch.


Nov Time Event Venue
Sun 12 10.00am Worship Service Bryndwr
  Book Stall Bryndwr
  Congregational Meeting Bryndwr
Mon 13 9.30am Music Moments Papanui
10.30am Painting Group in the Creative Nest Papanui
Tue 14 10.00am Fly-Bys Bryndwr
10.30am Creative Nest Papanui
12.00pm Friendly Circle Lunch Kenwyn Ave
7.30pm Parish Council Papanui
Wed 15 9.45am Badminton Papanui
10.00am Pre-School Music Bryndwr
2.00pm StaRR Afternoon Tea (at Helen’s home)  
Thurs 16 11.30am Midweek Worship Service, followed by lunch Papanui
6.30pm Youth Group Bryndwr
Fri 17      
Sat 18 9.30am Clothing Shop Bryndwr
Sun 19 10.00am Worship Service Bryndwr
6.00pm Table Talk Papanui