Dan will give a presentation and invite questions and discussion on his study leave material, Towards Simplicity, Harmony, and Generally Being Useful, on 30th October, 6pm in the hall at Bryndwr. You can find the report published in the latest Village News.

Art Exhibition “Tō Mātou Wāhi” – “Our Place”: The Creative Nest, Creative Dance & Art Therapy NZ ‘Arts 4 All’ and Sharon’s Art Studio extend a warm welcome to an exhibition of painting, writing and craft at The Village Papanui.  Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 November 10.00am to 3.00pm.  Free entry, koha appreciated and all donations and proceeds from raffle ticket sales will go to The Champion Centre.  Raffle tickets will be on sale from Sunday 23rd October, available at Bryndwr and Papanui offices, and at our Worship services each week until Sunday 6th Nov.

Raffle tickets $2 each, or 3 for $5.

The Champion Centre’s core business is to provide early intervention services to infants and young children with disabilities in the Christchurch area.  The Intervention programme is for children from birth to school age who have delays in at least two areas of development.  The Champion Centre is the largest and longest-running centre-based early intervention centre in the country.  Partially funded by government and in business since the late 1970’s it has served approximately 2,000 children to date.  Many groups and individuals help with fundraising to enable more children to access the service and we are very pleased to offer our 2022 exhibition donations to them.

Live Streaming our Sunday Service

We are expecting delivery of a laptop in the next week or two which will be set up for the streaming of our services online.  Once this is installed the quality of the streaming should be reliable (apart from any internet issues outside of our control!).  If you find that the connection is not working from your home computer, it could mean that your system needs a ‘tweak’ or two – a couple of the most common issues are with the updating of the browser you use, or the sound settings.  Liam is very happy to help you to check these things, either by phone call, or a brief visit to you at home.  Please contact him by phone 03 351 9187, 021 231 2927 or liamjboardman@gmail.com

It’s been a good while since we got together as Pastoral Visitors within The Village:-

I invite you to save the date – November 20th, 4:30 pm – and come along so that we can meet together ahead of our final visiting round for 2022.  We will meet in the St Luke’s Lounge at our Redwood facility – Cnr Main North Rd and Daniels Rd.

This is a chance to share some interesting information with you as well as for you to share your ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ of visiting and an opportunity for you to input into how we can strengthen our visiting system moving forwards.

We aim to have the Summer edition of the Village News available for collection on this day as well as a short survey for you to encourage your visitees to complete!

Thank you for your contribution to our life together. Your visiting is a vital connection point linking many parts of The Village together.  Dan

Burnside Primary:  If you are able, please donate grocery vouchers to be used towards purchases for Burnside Primary school families. We are then able to buy items for the food and hygiene parcels which have not been donated. Thank you very much!

The Creating of a Parish Profile for The Village:-

The Village Church Parish Council is currently beginning the process of compiling a document called a Parish Profile.  The process requires the parish council to analyse the current state of the parish; spiritual, financial, membership etc; and to assess our future needs and aspirations.

This is part of the process looking at the Ministry moving forwards with Anne’s moving on. To engage a Ministry Settlement Board to call another minister, a parish profile is required to help assess the parish’s ability to support additional ministry.

Compiling this document is done in consultation with, and reporting to the congregation, the ministry team and the parish council.

One of the first steps will be to gather some relevant information.  In November, a short survey will be sent to all members of the parish which will help us gather some statistical information and seek some comment about the life in The Village. We also want to take the opportunity to ask some questions about people’s views post COVID.

When you receive the survey, please complete and return it.  The information we collect will be important and useful for creating the parish profile.

The Village Presbyterian Church Parish Council October Update:-

The October meeting of the Parish Council was held on Tuesday 11th October in The Nest at Papanui.

Jane Agnew shared the devotion.  She read a poem by Mary Oliver which was inspired by the mysteries of nature.


Judith reported on the past month’s accounts and noted some of the key points:

A table comparing the accounts for August 2021 and August 2022 was presented to show that expenses over the two periods have remained relatively consistent with the only exceptions being ‘one off’ payments such as the costs for an intern and the sale of the Valerie Place property.  Of some concern, however, is the decrease in income over the two periods which is just over $7,000. $2,900 relates to the loss of manse rental, which was expected, but there has also been a decrease in offerings.

Other Matters:

Valerie Place: Proceeds from the sale were deposited into our Property On Call account on 12th September.  The amount deposited was $592,692. All documentation regarding the sale has now been received.  The costs associated with the sale have yet to be deducted.

Insurance: This is due for payment on 10th October – funds have been transferred from the general account and a contribution made by the Community Centre towards the cost.

Budget: The revised budget is forecast to have a deficit $103,000.  This does not include any funding for repair/ maintenance for Truman Road manse before being rented out.   Projected offerings have been reduced.  This projected deficit means that General Reserves are being depleted. There was discussion as to how we can add to finances.

Year End Review: This will not be completed in time for the annual meeting. The changes requested have been made.

From the latest news from Council of Assembly for your information:

“Council noted and reported in May 2022 that financial implications of some of the Special Assembly’s decisions, including the decision to adopt in principle that ministry internships be funded without the need for parish contributions, will have a substantial impact on future Assembly Assessments. Council advised the Special Assembly that if this was to be met by Assembly Assessment, the average increase to cover this cost alone would require an increase of over 20%. Council believes this is a matter that might need to be looked at again.

Reports were received from the Ministry Team, the Community Centre and Property (Manses).

Matters Arising from Ministry Report:

•    Parish Council Pathways Retreat: date set for February 11th from 9 a.m. to 4.15 p.m. Venue to be confirmed.

•    Birthday dinners: names had been suggested for coordinators

•    Visiting and newsletter: we hope to publish a newsletter mid-November. Coordinators for this task are being sought. The suggestion was made that visitors get together and newsletter distributed to them at that time. Ideas for content of newsletter were shared.

•    Post Covid Survey – Dan, Frances, David and Alistair are to coordinate this task.

•    Discussion took place on the process needed to compile a parish profile.

•    Christmas Eve / New Year services: Christmas Eve 9.30 p.m. at Papanui – invite St Aidan’s to join. For New Year – Dan to follow up speaking to St. Marks re hosting this. Josh and Dan had been considering ideas to replace the pyjamas service at Bryndwr.

Nominations for Parish Council: no additional nominations were received.

Celebrating Birthday Dinners

Our habit of celebrating Monthly Birthday dinners is certainly a great way of sharing our love for one another and especially good for connecting across our various locations and groups.

Recently Bruce and I at the last minute were added to a small celebration in a member’s home who is part of the Redwood congregation. This was a couple we had never met and we had a most interesting time discussing all sorts of subjects and found we had so many connections.  The shared meal was delicious and our hosts were more than welcoming.  We are so grateful to be part of our shared parish life in all its ramifications. With thanks, Ruth Cooper

Roster Reminder October 30:

Set-up – Gordon & Johan.

Welcoming – Claire & David, Jean.

Reading – Lesley, Margaret B.

Counting – Jane, Andrew.

Technician – Asher.

Morning Tea – Judith, Alison & John.

Bryndwr grounds – John.


October Time Event Venue
Sun 23   10.00am Worship Service Bryndwr
10.00am Worship Service Redwood
5.30pm Evening Circle (hosted by the McKellars) Ph 3511912
Mon 24
Labour Day holiday
Tue 25 10.00am Fly-Bys Bryndwr
10.30am Creative Nest Tues drop-in Papanui
1.00pm Sunshine Club Redwood
Wed 26 9.45am Badminton Papanui
10.00am Pre-School Music Bryndwr
Thur 27 11.30am Midweek Service followed by provided lunch Papanui
6.00pm Youth group Bryndwr
Fri 28
Sat 29 9.30am Clothing Shop Bryndwr
Sun 30 10.00am Worship Service Bryndwr
10.00am Worship Service Redwood
6.00pm Dan’s Study Leave Presentation Bryndwr