Youth Group Fundraiser Event: Youth group is excited to bring you Quiz Night + Entertainment showcasing our young people’s talents. This is a fundraiser event to help raise money for Easter Camp costs. Come join us!

  • When: Saturday 1 April
  • Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm (doors open at 6.00 pm, so you can find your seats and be ready)
  • Where: The Village Presbyterian Church and Community Centre at Papanui, 460 Papanui Road
  • What: Quizzes, live band, and improv theatre
  • Food: Light snacks and drinks provided
  • Ticket cost: $10 per person. Please bring cash, paid at the door. No change is available.
  • Teams: You can round up your own team (up to 8 people) or request to be put in one
  • RSVP: Please email to be added to the guestlist at by Friday 31 March. Please include your name and inform us of any dietary requirements.

We look forward to hosting you!

Thank you all for your donations for cyclone relief. We have been able to send $2,750 to St Andrew’s church in Hastings as a contribution towards their genLend initiative.

Women’s Fellowship afternoon tea:  Vina has kindly offered to host afternoon tea in her home, Friday 31st March, 2-4 pm.  As parking is limited, we could carpool by meeting at the Village Church, Bryndwr at 1.45 pm.  Please bring a small plate of food to share.  Any enquires to Vina or Catherine.

Notification of Congregational Meeting:  Notice is hereby given to hold a congregational meeting at the conclusion of church services at Papanui on Thursday 30 March and Bryndwr and Redwood on Sunday 2nd April.  The purpose of the meeting is to put a resolution to apply for the use of capital funds to finance the bathroom renovations in the Bryndwr manse.

Church Donations:  A reminder that March 31 is the end of the financial tax year and a time to think about any additional giving we might make to the church, which will result in a donations tax credit of 33 cents in the dollar from IRD.


has had a refresh and is looking great with simpler navigation and the Community Centre information is now integrated with the church site.  We also now have the ability to accept online donations which can be made to the church or the Community Centre. Have a look around!

Our Easter Services

Good Friday, (April 7)

10am at the Village Redwood

Easter Sunday, (April 9)

10am at the Village Bryndwr


The Village Presbyterian Church Parish Council March Update

The March meeting of the Parish Council was held on Tuesday 14th March in The Nest at Papanui.

The devotion was provided by Kate B. who reminded us about the importance of connections and friendship when an event such as COVID strikes. She read a poem written by Joy Cowley about the value of being friends.


Judith S. presented the monthly financial accounts that were accepted. She then reported on the past month’s accounts and noted the following points:

  • Offerings were slightly under the budgeted amount for the month of January.
  • The GST Review found our treatment of the GST was correct. An apology for the inconvenience it had caused was offered and the refunds for the last two periods were released.
  • The Organ Scholarship has now been paid to Rangi Ruru.
  • The final total received for the Cyclone Gabrielle Response is being calculated.
  • The process to access capital funds for work on the Truman Road manse will require consent from a congregational meeting to request funds from the Capital Fund to be used for bathroom renovations at the Truman Road Manse. The following motion will be put to a congregational meeting on April 2nd: “An application is to be made to the Church Property Trustees for permission to access Capital Funds for bathroom repairs for the Truman Road Manse”.
  • Insurance Valuations are to be updated in time for the next insurance round.


  • Reports were received from the Community Centre, the Ministry Team and the Papanui building overseer.

Matters arising from the reports:

  • The Property Team is going to be asked to look at issues relating to the chairs in the Papanui building.
  • It is hoped that Kids’ Club will start in April.


  • Frances C. will take on the role of Child Protection Officer as part of Health and Safety responsibilities.
  • Possible nominations for National Moderator were discussed.
  • Services and pastoral care for those linked to St Andrew’s at Rangi Ruru were discussed.
  • The Parish Profile document has been completed and will be shared with the congregation.
  • It is planned to discuss Ministry resourcing and capacity at the April meeting of the Parish Council.
  • Feedback from the congregational survey relating to pastoral care was discussed. It was agreed that in previous times it was very ‘minister-centred’.  We are now moving away from this model to create a community of carers in which visitors play an important role.  Hospitality-based events also play a vital part in the pastoral care process.  Pastoral care is based upon a multi-layered approach with no one way being more important than another.

Roster Reminder for Sun 2nd April

Setup: Market Team.

Welcoming: Ruth & Bruce, Keren.

Reading: Megan, Margaret B.

Counting: Vivienne, Christine M.

Morning Tea: Alison & John, Joy.

Technician: Asher.

Grounds at Bryndwr: Ken.

March/April Time Event Venue
Sun 26 10.00am Worship Service Bryndwr
10.00am Worship Service Redwood
10.00am Worship Service, St Andrew’s at Rangi Ruru Rangi Ruru
5.30pm Evening Circle (ph Catherine for venue/details)
Mon 27 9.30am Music Moments Papanui
10.00am Pre-School Music Bryndwr
1.30pm Bible Study and Prayer Group Redwood
6.45pm Indoor Bowls (begins at 7pm) Bryndwr
Tue 28 10.00am Fly-Bys Bryndwr
10.30am Creative Nest Tues drop-in Papanui
Wed 29 9.45am Badminton Papanui
10.00am Pre-School Music Bryndwr
Thurs 30 8.00am Village Prayers in the Chapel Bryndwr
11.30am Midweek Worship Service, followed by lunch Papanui
6.00pm Youth Group Bryndwr
Fri 31 11.00am Go-Grans Exercise Bryndwr
1.15pm Indoor Bowls Papanui
Sat 1 April 9.00am Clothing Shop and the Village Market Bryndwr
6.00pm Youth Group Fundraiser Papanui
Sun 2 10.00am Worship Service Bryndwr
10.00am Worship Service Redwood
6.00pm Table Talk Papanui