Establishing a Lay Worship Team:

During this season of transition, we have a wonderful opportunity to develop new skills as we try out new ways of doing things.   Even when we were being led by a full-time minister, there were times when we have had to call on members of the congregation to organise and lead Sunday worship.  These occasions may increase in the future.  Parish Council has therefore approved the establishment of a Lay Worship Team.  When required, the team will get together to plan out the service and during Sunday worship each person in the team will contribute by delivering one aspect of the service (e.g. a prayer, the children’s story, notices, the reflection).

Training in all aspects of a worship service will be provided for all who express interest in becoming a member of The Village Lay Worship Team.  If you would like to join this team, or just want to know more about it before making a commitment, please contact Joy.

Access to the Village Bryndwr:   The front door lock was replaced during the week because the previous lock had become unworkable.  If you have an old key to the main door, please come and replace it with the new key during office hours. Monday and Wednesday: 9am – 11:30am, Tuesday and Thursday: 9am – 12pm, Friday: 10am – 12:30pm. Please remember to bring your old keys to swap for a new key.  If you have a key which you no longer require, could you please return it to Fei.  Thank you.

CCTV security cameras at Bryndwr:

The Parish Council, at its last meeting, approved the installation of 3 cameras at the rear of the Bryndwr building. These have now been installed.

There have been several incidents over the last few months, including graffiti, broken windows at the rear of the garage and general unsocial behaviour.

The cameras record all activity in the area during the day and night. The images are stored on a hard drive and can be accessed through the office computer if there is a need to investigate a particular incident.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  John C.


As we have done in previous years, we are collecting Easter eggs to be given to Pillars who distribute them to the children of prisoners. (For information about Pillars, go to )

Eggs can be brought to church up to and including Sunday 17th March, or left in the collection boxes at Bryndwr and Papanui.

Easter CampGene is preparing to take the youth group to Eastercamp.  It is a big exciting event on their calendar!

There are a few young people who need financial assistance to be able to attend.  If you would like to sponsor a young person, please contact Gene by email

Registration cost is $250 per camper – we don’t ask sponsors to pay for the full amount but ask for a contribution. Payments are due 22 March, so donations made prior to that would be appreciated.

There are other costs to attend such as hiring a group marquee. The youth group is planning to fundraise for the event as well.

If you would like to donate directly to the bank account please Include your surname and E.Camp in the reference boxes.  Thank you!

Church Donations:  A reminder that March 31 is the end of the financial tax year and a time to think about any additional giving we might make to the church, which will result in a donations tax credit of 33 cents in the dollar from IRD.

Roster Reminder – Sun 10 March:

Setup: Kate, Liam.

Welcoming: Paula, Margaret & Gordon.

Reading: Hannie & Frik.

Counting: Margaret M, Gordon.

Morning Tea: Mary Jo, Wayne & Christine.

Technician: Grant.

Grounds at Bryndwr (Sat 9th): John.

Youth Group Fundraiser Event:

Youth group is excited to bring you Quiz Night + Entertainment showcasing our young people’s talents. This fundraiser event is to help raise money for Easter Camp costs.  Come join us!

When: Saturday 23 March

Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm (doors open at 6.00pm so you can find your seats and be ready to game)

Where: The Village Church, Bryndwr

What: Quizzes, live entertainment, and interactive game

Food: Tea, coffee, and biscuits provided

Ticket: $10 per person. Please bring cash to be collected at the door, no change available

Teams: You can round up your own team (up to 8 people) or request to be put in one

RSVP: Please email Gene to be added to the guestlist at  by Friday 22 March.  Please include your name and inform us of any dietary requirements. We look forward to hosting you.


March Time Event Venue
Sun 3 10.00am Worship Service Bryndwr
6.00pm Table Talk Papanui
Mon 4 9.30am Music Moments Papanui
10.30am Painting Group in the Creative Nest Papanui
Tue 5 10.00am Fly-Bys Bryndwr
10.30am Creative Nest, drop-in (10.30am-12.30pm) Papanui
Wed 6 9.45am Badminton Papanui
10.00am Pre-School Music Bryndwr
Thurs 7 11.30am Midweek Worship Service, followed by lunch Papanui
6.00pm Youth Group Bryndwr
Fri 8 1.15pm Indoor Bowls Papanui
Sat 9 9.00am Clothing Shop and the Village Market Bryndwr
Sun 10 10.00am Worship Service Bryndwr


Giving to The Village:  Some wonderful things happen through The Village, and people giving financially is an important way to support both our church activities and the initiatives we run to serve our communities.  An offering is made available during our Sunday worship but you are also welcome to give by automatic payment or envelope which means you can claim a tax credit of 33% for your donation.  Please contact Keren R. or Donella D. for more information.