There is a vacancy on the roster that takes Margaret S. from Ngaio Marsh (Grassmere Street, Papanui) to church at Bryndwr on Sunday.  Margaret enjoys coming to church.  If you are able to join the roster, please contact Bryan W.  Thank you.

An update re our donation to St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Hastings, from our Parish Council meeting Tuesday 11 April:

 Email Correspondence out:

“Hey Jill, how are you?  I trust you’re doing well in what I imagine is a little chaotic as you settle into what will be a long recovery up there.  We wanted to support the work you and your parish are doing and so, today, The Village has transferred $2750 to the St Andrews bank account.  We hope this amount, despite being just a drop in the bucket, will be able to be put to good use.  Thinking of you, your people, and the wider community.”  Grace & Peace, Rev Dan Spragg.

Email Correspondence in:

“Hi Dan, Great to hear from you!  Thanks for the donation, that is amazing!!!  We are doing all sorts of things with the money coming in, fuel for genLend in the clean up.  $300 vouchers for folk who lost everything, and we are looking at setting up some kind of chaplaincy service, training and equipping people of faith to be a listening ear in their own community!  You will know well all the chaos that an event like this brings, but we are certainly seeing God’s grace being poured out in so many ways!  Thanks, Dan!”  Blessings, Rev Jill McDonald.

The Village News:  Bryan Wright and Frances Coburn are in the process of gathering information for the next newsletter – due in May.  If you or the group you belong to has an article or photographs that you would like to have included in this newsletter please contact either Bryan, Frances C.,  or Sabrina at the Bryndwr office.

 Tata School:  You will recall that we raised money to help with the reconstruction of the Tata School buildings following a devastating cyclone in 2020.

After hearing about the recent cyclones in the Vanuatu region, I contacted Phil King, the Global Mission Coordinator for the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand to find out if Tata School had sustained any damage.

The initial news from Santo Island which is in the northern region of the island group, where Tata is located, is that they were not badly affected by these cyclones.  Phil visited the school last year and said that the current school site had been deemed vulnerable to future weather-related events.  The plan now is to gradually move ahead with a relocation plan, and no doubt the recent cyclones added emphasis to the need for that work as the new site will take them further inland away from the coast. 

Autumn Combined Service and Feast Sunday 30 April, at the Village Bryndwr:

We look forward to combining as a whole Village for fellowship, worship, and a shared ‘feast’.  The service will start with Bagels & Hot Drinks at 10am, followed by worship (10.30am), and we aim to share food together at 12pm.

Please bring a non-perishable food item to the Harvest Celebration, which will be donated to those in need.

(Surname A-L please bring a dessert, M-Z please bring a salad). Meat will be provided.

We look forward to celebrating together!

Roster Reminder for Sun 23 April

Setup: Kate and Liam.

Welcoming: Kath & Ken, Christine A.

Reading: Ruth & Bruce.

Counting: Mitch, Christine A.

Morning Tea: Claire & David, Keren.

Technician: Asher.

Grounds at Bryndwr: Mitch.


APRIL Time Event Venue
Sun 16 10.00am Worship Service Bryndwr
10.00am Worship Service Redwood
11.00am Book Stall Bryndwr
1.30pm Sequence Dance, with Bill Worley dance Papanui
6.00pm Table Talk Papanui
Mon 17   School Holidays  
1.30pm Bible Study and Prayer Group Redwood
6.45pm Indoor Bowls (begins at 7pm) Bryndwr
Tue 18      
Wed 19 9.45am Badminton Papanui
Thurs 20 8.00am Village Prayers in the Chapel Bryndwr
11.30am Midweek Worship Service, followed by lunch Papanui
Fri 21 1.15pm Indoor Bowls Papanui
Sat 22 9.30am Clothing Shop Bryndwr
Sun 23 10.00am Worship Service Bryndwr
10.00am Worship Service Redwood
10.00am Worship Service, St Andrew’s at Rangi Ruru Rangi Ruru