A very warm welcome to Sabrina, our new administrator at Bryndwr!  Make sure you pop in and say hi some time.  The office hours remain the same. (Noted in the last page of the order of service each week).

Village Market request:  the reserve of items for sale at our monthly markets has dwindled – we need your help!  If you have household items, furniture, books etc in good condition suitable for sale at the market, and would be willing to donate them, we would love to receive them.  Pick-up can be arranged if needed, or you can drop things off to either office during open hours.

It would be great too to have some new faces – so come along yourself, encourage your neighbours, family and friends (and if they have items they are happy to donate we would love to help them have a ‘spring clear out’).  Our next Market will be Saturday 1st October.

Tech assist:  If you are having difficulty, or just want to make sure you’re doing it fine, with regards to connecting to the livestream.  Liam is happy to answer any questions or come and help you with connecting your device.

Giving to The Village:  Some wonderful things happen through The Village, and people giving financially is an important way to support both our church activities and the initiatives we run to serve our communities.  An offering is made available during our Sunday worship but you are also welcome to give by automatic payment or envelope which means you can claim a tax credit of 33% for your donation.  Please contact Keren Ritchie or Donella Duff for more information.

Eco Church Kōrero: Ending Plastic Waste – our part in a global movement

Monday, 7 November 2022 at 7.30pm. Zoom conversation.

The UN Global Plastics Treaty is one of the most significant international agreements dealing with plastic waste.

A Rocha New Zealand (which runs the Eco Church project to which the Village is a member) invites you to learn about and join in this global movement. Hosted by Rev Silvia Purdie with support from Megan B. and Karen Weir.

Register (free) to receive the zoom link: https://www.ecochurch.org.nz/events/un-plastics-treaty

The September meeting of the Parish Council was held on Tuesday 13th September in The Nest at Papanui.

The meeting opened with devotions shared by Alistair. He related the story of a country and western singer named Johnny PayCheck who lived a difficult and diverse life.  Alistair played one of his recordings called ‘The Outlaw’s Prayer’.  It gives a message about accepting and relating to others regardless of their appearance.

Finance – Judith reported on several key issues.

Reports were received from the Ministry Team, the Community Centre and Property.

Buildings and Property:

•       It was agreed to approve the cost to employ a quantity surveyor to provide updated costs for the Redwood alterations.

•       Papanui building window frame repairs have been carried out.

Community Centre

Thanks were expressed for the work carried out by Lesley and her team that culminated in the great evening to celebrate the Community Centre’s 25th year.

Ministers’ Report

•       The Village Ministry Team roles were discussed with acknowledgement that there needed to be an intentional focus to connect with families and wondering where this responsibility lay.

•       The summary of the meeting between Parish Council and Community Centre was revisited and possible projects considered.


The Covid Situation:

•       There was discussion about the use of masks now that conditions have altered.  It was agreed that Dan would make an appropriate statement regarding the wearing of masks being at the discretion of the individual.

AGM Date:

This was confirmed as being October 16th with a call for Parish Council nominations by October 2nd.

Quarterly Review:

What are the current trends we are observing in the parish and community?

•       Reduced numbers attending worship (This has been driven by the Covid situation).  Will the relaxation of rules eg; mask wearing change this?

•       It was agreed that there is a need to ‘re-energise’ the parish and reconnect with people.  The resumption of morning tea after the Sunday service has helped.

•       A congregational survey may supply fresh information about where we are at.

•       The role of parish visitors was emphasised as an important way of enhancing a regular rhythm to parish life.

Roster Reminder October 2nd:

Set-up – Market Team.

Welcoming – Christine, Mitch & Barb.

Reading – Claire and David.

Counting – John, Andrew.

Technician – Grant.

Morning Tea – Paula, Lesley, Margaret W.

Bryndwr grounds – Ken.

A reminder to let Tracey at the Papanui office know of any changes to your details: New address or phone number, or email address change.  Thank you.